Twin Flame Souls Beyond The Experience

Maybe it’s time for the Twin Flame Chasers to expand beyond the confounds of the twin flame walls.

In The organic matrix, much is to be had and experienced here. The energy pent-up about the runner is more than just confusion or hurt energy. What’s there is special. But, when a twin flame chases he or she spends a lot of free time singularly thinking and including the other in their future plans. And, this works against the union. Because as we know; how we see our future determines what we do today. So for example, if I were to spend my time including my twin flame in my future plans this would have served as a hindrance because instead of envisioning two sets of futures I could have been more laser-focused on my own. Outside the realm of expectation, this assists the union “as we all learn sooner or later”.

It’s also time for the Chasers to move on because they have a lot of heart. They are the people we know who have their heart chakra wide open. With energy to give to the masses. These people have a way about them that is both warm and enlightening. The experience of being rejected by such a strong connection makes a person in touch. We should save that energy and put it into projects. Put it into our businesses. This kind of love heart energy is very healing when you come in contact with other people. It is infused with a heartbreak that is associated with higher levels of consciousness. It makes you more in tune with self which makes you more in tune with others.

I think the Twin Flame soulmate connection plays a great role in the elevation of the collective.

And each individual experience is a key to all of us having knowledge of self. Not all twin flames show the signs of the beautiful enlightenment but the ones who do don’t judge people. They don’t make you feel bad for wanting the things that you want. And they care about the impression they leave on you, because we know the way you feel and think is how you will treat other people. That is why twin flame soulmates should practice expansion Beyond the confounds of the Twin Flame experience. They should spread it out and make it more useful where their love will be healing, appreciated and passed on.

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