Money Gets in the Way of Spiritual Business and Freedom

How Money is in the Way of Spiritual Business

Because people have to spend time making money and trading it for living on the planet as opposed to just sitting back and creating products that help their people. Instead, they have to feed them information so that they can gain trust and ultimately some sort of assistance mainly; money from the very people they are trying to help. All this while they try to set up a spiritual business.

It is true that both of them can go hand-in-hand but most of the time people get caught up chasing the money because there are things on the planet they consider to be Needs & Wants. We all have those.


The Spiritualist Perception of Money

That being said it is important to note that when we are on the path remember this effect. Money gets in spiritualists way because it is a form of distraction. How we perceive currency dictates the way we start and grow a spiritually based business in the first place. We mainly look at it as trading time for money with the hopes; that we can effectively and successfully assist as many people as possible. Another important thing to point out is the straightforward correlation between those who swear by the need to make money off their spiritual practices and the current monetary system that is in place on the planet today. The two together don’t lend a healthy environment to us as spiritual workers. Simply because of the amount of time it takes to get the two energies to work together.

There has been Universal progress towards such a thing though. With creations like Bitcoin Youtube and your own self-activation, these tools completely circumvent Banking and currency as we know it. This way of living is quickly becoming accepted by the mainstream human including retailers both on and offline. Here are examples of  how to start and grow your spiritually based business:

  • Products for services
  • MeetUps
  • Service for Service
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Passive Income
  • Off Grid Living
  • Micro Communities
  • and so much more …
  • Spiritual practitioners deep down are just afraid to come right out and ask for money especially in the beginning. I personally think they shouldn’t have to simply; because no one should. It’s worthless because it doesn’t assist people on a peer-to-peer level. Neither does it keep up with the collective current. The main culprit for this is weak programming that crumbles and starts breaking down as soon as we become woke.

Money vs. Complete Freedom

Hundreds of thousands of Spiritual people have a strong belief that they should align their lives and incorporate spirituality, love, work, career and, family into one cohesive lifestyle. Yet, the programming that we receive when we get to this planet dictates that in order to achieve these things one must work which by now we know is a complete and total fabrication of the natural sharing tendencies that we have. But, it’s accepted by us in the masses.

Money gets in the way of wholeness because it contributes to the mindset that we have to suffer from stress, anxiety, and hours. This is a deeply embedded program, of course, that was taught to us ever since we arrived on this planet as babies.

The concept of this article is to get you to see that you do not have to be a slave to the system anymore. As long as you use the advancements that have been created by the people who have achieved complete and total fulfillment. Gone are the days when we are forced to climb the proverbial competition ladder. Or selling our time and soul to those who could not care less about the bigger picture as a whole. You can achieve fulfillment by completely bypassing the system all together.

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