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Iaso Tea lovers are everywhere but are you getting the real deal? So many people report not seeing any results and they’ve been taking it for months.

9 out of 10 times this person did not purchase their tea from An official Iaso Independent Business Owner. Independent business owners are the only ones allowed to sell Iaso tea. If you buy Iaso from Ebay or Amazon or anywhere else for that matter outside of a Face to face or Iaso website there’s a great chance you will not be able to experience what I and Millions of other people have experienced with regards to drinking Iaso tea.

Steps to take when purchasing IASO TEA

Step 1 Make sure you locate an official representative from the Iaso company. Make sure this person present their IBO number which is a 7 digit number each person receives upon being a distributor of the Tea. For example, my IBO number is 5450051. You would then enter the number into the field under New customer.
note* you can not purchase IASO TEA without having this number.
If you want to buy the tea right now simply go to
click on shop and under new customer enter my IBO# 5450051
once you have done this it will ask you to enter some basic information, then and only then will the site open up to the product pages.

Step 2 It is very important you buy from the official Total Life Changes Website.

Meaning once you find a site you want to buy from be sure the representatives’ full name displayed at the top of the website. If you don’t see a name at the top of the website this person very well may not be authorized to sell TLC products. Important to note. All TLC websites look the same. The company makes clone websites for their representatives so that the business owners who sell TLC products all have an even shot at making money. It is allowed for others to build articles around the products but once you are finished reading IASO review articles the link provided should lead to a site that looks like this on a computer

on a desktop

Step 3 Make sure you are buying the tea and not being scammed into buying more than the initial one month supply.

If it’s first time buying IASO tea and you have been introduced to the system, Have knowledge that all you pay is 44.96 only. If you are being told prices over that amount these people are trying to scam you into buying either IBO membership or more tea than you want. When you speak to a representative it’s important that you make it clear that you want the product and not the membership. Most face to face interactions with a seller should lead to the opportunity for you to purchase a 1 week supply of tea. If this person is unable to provide you a pack of tea onsite, simply have them show you how you can order one pack of tea.

Step 4 Although it’s recommended to truly see results buy; the 1 month supply.

It comes packaged in a white postal sealed package. You will receive 4 packs of tea. Each pack comes with two bags of tea. The direction clearly stated on the package. You boil a half a quart of any kind of water including faucet water. Then turn the stove off do not microwave your water. Because microwaves nuke nutrients and poisons the things we put in it. After turning off the stove, open up a pack of tea and make sure there are two bags of tea. and it’s important to note that the tea bags are joined. The bags are cut 2 by 2 and must look like what you see in the photo below. Let the tea steep for 4 hours. And 12 Hours for best results.


There’s one more thing to do before drinking the tea. Make sure you get the package delivered in a manner that I have described below. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people go through the entire purchasing process and 1 not see results or 2 they receive a repackage version of IASO tea. Which is one baggie of tea in each pack printed with the TLC logo. Fakes include silver packaging, metallic green packages or a copied matte replica of what you see below. The official TLC tea comes in a glossy black and green package with displayed prominently on the front and clear to read instructions plus illustrations on the back. TLC does not I repeat does not have it’s Iaso Tea ingredients listed on the package. If you see the herbs and ingredients listed on the package don’t drink it with IASO tea in mind. It’s not Iaso tea.

And that’s it. For more information about the process of ordering IASO Tea, simply send me a text 863-206-3609 or talk to your Total Life Changes Independent Distributor.

p.s. There have been reports of people being told they were ordering tea but in fact, are being used as placements in the Total Life Changes Downline. Don’t be a victim of this either. This is when a representative sells you tea and adds you to their team of sellers. Be wary of these tactics because these people will charge you monthly for tea without your permission. The company offers automatic refills which is recommended but you should not be pressured into doing something you didn’t intend on doing.

Best wishes 3 dress sizes down.
Your Iaso Tea Informer Carolyn

Includes:5 PACK IASO TEA – The #1 Detox Tea –Top 5 Direct Selling Product in the World!

(1) Sachet of Iaso® Tea is approximately a one week’s supply.The Original Iaso® Tea is powered by a unique proprietary blend of all-natural ingredients. Imagine a white tea, a green tea and a great- tasting herbal tea all wrapped up into one great product. That’s Iaso® Tea.

Two cups of Iaso® Tea each day has helped tens of thousands of people to cleanse their body of toxins and flush excess waste. Iaso® Tea is not available in stores, and it’s not advertised on TV or radio. It can only be purchased through Total Life Changes Independent Business Owners