Ethical 5th Dimensional Communication

Is it okay to solicit communication from your twin flame

In this dimension? Is it an intrusion when you want to get a clear understanding of certain aspects of your relationship? We are in the third and fourth dimension as we speak. And, most times what we do is considered friction. Because we are in a 5th-dimensional body we also have counterparts who we consider to be our twin flame. Now we have to figure out how to deal with the situation. There’s someone outside of ourselves involved in the scenario and we’re opening ourselves up to perhaps giving all our love and innerstanding to a particular individual. At every turn this a choice.

So we have to consider the involvement different energies and variables involved in any given scenario or situation. That is why twin flame soulmate readings are super useful. Because we can tap into another parallel for answers.

And for good reason too!

Do you not want to infringe upon the delicate nature that is the Twin Flame energy. Are you confused on whether you should get a reading or not? Do you sometimes go between wanting to know about your lover and just wanting to know the general information surrounding Your Divine connection? I submit to you today. That it is indeed okay to read the energies that connect you and your lover.

If you have questions about your Divine connection with your twin flame and your soulmate you should definitely consider looking at the nuances the signs and the symbols associated with your timeline. When I say timeline I mean the track that you are on at any given time with regards to your relationship.

Okay to pry into your twin flame relationship

Let us give an example, You may be new to your knowledge about twin flame issues. Another example would be that you already are in a twin flame situation. Another example is that you’ve been in this for the Long Haul and you like to keep spiritual updates with regards to your twin flame soulmate relationship. I think it’s important that it is sad that it’s okay to pry into your twin flame relationship. Especially if the nuances have come through as facts. Such as dreams, numerical signs such as 11:11 and so on. It is okay to get readings to know where you are with regards to your relationship. Although much of it could be considered confirmation; seeking answers should be considered especially if is going to help you move on. One of the principles is that you are the other entire half to the situation. You should not have to go without knowing. Especially with the non-intrusive spiritual technology that we have at our fingertips today.

It is okay for you to get a check up on your relationship

I’m going to conclude by saying if you are in a twin flame relationship specifically dominated by questions. It is okay for you to get a check up on your relationship. The very fact that the Chaser is more in tuned with what is going on in the relationship means they would need or even be allowed to easily access and tap into the truth about what is going on in their twin flame. Time is running up on us, so is the newest Revelations and divinations on the planet. We should not be held to any ancient ways of constriction associated with soulmate relationships I also agree that we should steer clear of any indoctrination or that has been perpetrated upon us with regards to drawing our twin flame into alignment.

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